Using Gardening to Enrich Lives

Our Mission:


We are a community-based, charitable organization that provides social and therapeutic gardening opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds and abilities enabling personal growth, community membership, and environmental well-being.


Our Vision

Lives and communities enriched through therapeutic gardening.


Our Workshops

We offer unique garden therapy workshops to individuals or groups. These workshops are designed and delivered by a horticultural therapy technician and can be modified to suit the needs of the participants. Unlike our community funded programming, these workshops are paid for by the participants.


living food box

Learn how to assemble, design and plant a sustainable and recyclable grow box. Herbs, flowers or vegetables will be planted during the workshop and you can take your Food Box home at the end. Perfect for apartments.

Plant Propagation

Plant propagation is the process of creating new plants from other sources. Learn several plant propagation techniques including cuttings, seeding and plant division using tropical or perennial plants.


Learn to Preserve

Learn how to make your own canned or pickled vegetables, dried herbs or fruit. Depending on the season, fruit and vegetables can be used from our annual or perennial garden plots and you can take these items home with you.

Tea for the Soul

Learn how to identify a variety of  herbal plants suitable for harvesting and drying. Various combinations of herbs from our gardens will be used to make  specialty teas that have medicinal purposes.


Container and Vertical Gardening

Learn how to create your own container gardens using a variety of containers. Vertical trellises and obelisks are used to demonstrate how to maximize capacity of small garden spaces by adding a vertical growing component.

Herbal Vinegars

Learn how to pick herbs and spices from the garden and add to white or cider vinegar to create flavoured herbal vinegars for personal use. Perfect for healthy and low cost salad dressing options at home.


Designing Terrariums

Using a variety of  tropical indoor house plants, a suitable glass container, and transplanting techniques, you will learn how to design and plant your own terrariums. A great way to add a natural touch to your home.

Designing Theme Gardens

Learn how to identify the plants needed to create the garden of your choice, such as a pizza garden or salsa garden. Using a large container and transplanting plants of your choice, you will create your own theme garden to take home.


Or design your own Garden Therapy workshop!


Our Impact

The Julien Project has demonstrated that social and therapeutic gardening is an effective strategy to promote health, enhance personal skills, and facilitate community integration all while maintaining a sustainable approach. Our program participants have become actively engaged in learning horticulture and urban agriculture practices, which they have applied to their homes, schools and the greater community. We are proud to have engaged a diverse array of individuals who might not otherwise seek or have access to participate in supported gardening initiatives. 



Thousand Dollars Raised

Each year The Julien Project receives thousands of dollars in donations and grants from generous community sponsors.




The Julien Project has been an important part of the Guelph community since it's inception in 2006.




Each year The Julien Project connects with hundreds of visitors who enjoy our programming and garden space.


Our Community Programs

We provide tailored horticultural therapy programming for individuals as part of a healthy community-building initiative to address issues of education, leadership, employment, poverty and isolation. Through horticultural skill development, participants develop their cognitive abilities, creativity and social skills, while also developing increased self-sufficiency and confidence. Unlike our individual workshops, a program is a set of organized activities supported by donor resources.


Mission Butterfly Program

We are currently collaborating with Mission Butterfly to support those suffering from PTSD with a four-part online video tutorial featuring horticultural therapy workshops filmed in the Bovey Greenhouse at the University of Guelph.

Youth School Program

Through garden workshops, students develop transferable and entrepreneurial skills necessary for employment preparation and healthy community membership within the horticultural therapy context.


Edu Kitchen Program

In collaboration with Lakeside HOPE House, our horticultural therapy technician leads educational kitchen workshops for the HOPE House community. Workshops will use local organic vegetables grown in our gardens at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre.

Supported Participant Program

Our supported participant program welcomes community members to assist with courtyard or field tasks such as spring clean up, planting, harvesting, and program preparation. This is subsidized by community support.


July 2015

I would highly recommend The Julien Project programming for others to increase their horticultural knowledge as well as for therapeutic use.

Holy Trinity Elementary School Teacher


Get Involved

The Julien Project has grown from the vision of its founder to a thriving therapeutic gardening organization working with diverse populations involving over 1,400 project visitors every year. This has only been possible through the commitment and support of our volunteers, donors and community partners.



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