Health Benefits of Enjoying the Arts

Enjoying the arts has numerous health benefits. People who view art exhibits have been found to experience lower levels of stress and anxiety and improve their critical thinking skills. One study by neuroscientist Oshin Vartanian looked at 15 studies of people who visited art exhibits. It found that art viewing engages the areas of the brain that process emotion and contemplation. These areas of the brain are automatically triggered whenever people see art.

People who enjoy the arts have a higher self-esteem. Being creative gives you freedom to express yourself and your emotions. This freedom is a valuable tool for social change. Artists can use art to speak out against injustice and inequality and help make society a better place for everyone. While many people believe that artists are born artists, anyone can enjoy the benefits of creating art.

Producing art can also boost one’s psychological resilience. Creating art can trigger positive emotions that lower cortisol levels in the body. Additionally, the mental processes involved in creating art are similar to meditation, which forces the mind to slow down and focus on details. This can help people in stressful situations to relax.

Studies have also shown that people who engage in the arts are more satisfied with their lives. They also experience better social behavior and lower anxiety levels.